For half a century, WESTY has been striving to provide customers with peaceful sleep. From the heart of central Japan near the shores of our largest lake, Lake Biwa, we remain committed to local materials and production for quality items as we work to uphold the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship. Our goal is to provide quality restful sleep that supports a healthier way of life, which allows people to make their dreams a reality.
Heal your mind and body. Make your dreams come true.
Company Overview
Corporate Name
Mari Nishimura, President
110 Ichi Aisho-cho Echi-gun, Shiga 529-1313 Japan
Business Type
Production and wholesale of bedding garments
Corporate History
- June, 1946: Founded
- September, 1960: Established as Nishimura Kogyo Co. Ltd
- January, 1973: Relocated to newly constructed headquarters in current location
- August, 1977: Business name changed to WESTY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.
September 3rd, 1960
CEO Message
Mari Nishimura
As we rely greatly on the abundant nature here in Shiga for manufacturing, I have become equally committed to preserving this natural environment for the future of our children. We hope to build an appreciation for genuine quality products that are cherished over time. Disposable goods are incapable of such long-lasting durability. We aim to promote this type of lifestyle change by constantly reexamining what we can do to contribute to a better society, and applying this mindset throughout our work. All of our products are related to people's sleep. We believe in helping people achieve mind and body wellness through a better sleep environment that allows a good night's rest, followed by a productive day, to be spent making their dreams come true.
Our Strength
1. All In-House Production with Made-in-Japan Quality
At our headquarters in Shiga Prefecture's Koto region, WESTY makes our bed coverings through entirely in-house production. Since beginning with duvet covers, our products now extend to a variety of sleep-related products. With accumulated expertise and corporate culture that have cultivated over time, we ensure safe and secure quality of each product made for our customers.
2. Implementation of Rigorous Internal Quality Control
To provide our customers with the highest quality products, we adhere to our own internal system of strict quality control that covers every stage of production from planning and manufacturing to inspection and delivery.
3. Use of Carefully Selected Natural Materials
We rely on a select variety of primarily domestic and local sources for materials, and during the planning phase, we determine the material that will work best for a given product. Our selection criteria favor sustainability and environmentally-friendly materials. Bedding covers made with natural fibers have a smooth yet dry texture, which soothes both the mind and body to help achieve peaceful and restful sleep.
4. Unique Original Products
For half a century, we have engaged in planning and production of unique and distinctive products according to the market's changing demands. Our current product lines include the following:
Duvet Covers with Easy 3-Sided Zipper
These covers help to foster independent behavior in children through design features which allow the covers to be put on or taken off by a single child or person with relative ease.
Double Wazarashi Gauze
Wazarashi is the Japanese traditional method of bleaching fabric. The fabric is made in Japan, as are the fabric subprocesses such as dyeing and sewing. The traditional chemical-free bleaching method gives a gentle touch to the skin.
These items feature printed patterns based on traditional designs from local pattern archives here in our town, Aisho. The revived design was then shifted to a contemporary color palette for a refreshing blend of old and new.
5. Craftsmanship Tailored to Contemporary Lifestyles
We strive for products that integrate into the changing lifestyles of consumers, to create the ideal environment for mind and body relaxation and quality restful sleep.
"Our product showroom is located at our factory. You are welcome to come, see, and feel items for yourself to experience first-hand the quality and comfort of our products.
* If interested in a visit to our showroom, please let us know via the contact form. "
By Bullet Train
Get off at JR Maibara Station. Transfer to either:
1. JR Biwako Line bound for Kyoto / Osaka and get off at Inae or Notogawa Station. By taxi, it's 10 minutes from Inae or 15 minutes from Notogawa.
2. Ohmi Railway and get off at Echigawa Station. Walk 8 minutes.
By Local JR Line (Biwako Line)
From Notogawa Station Take Kokoku Bus bound Kakuno Line (角能線) bound for Ichigahara (市ケ原). After about 15 minutes, get off at Ichi (市)bus stop. Walk 3 minutes From Inae Station 10 minutes by taxi
By Ohmi Railway
8 minutes walk from Echigawa Station